COVID-19 Vaccine

Vial Stock Phtotos

In April of 2021, after noticing a lack of variety in the stock photos available for the main vaccine types; I created a fake vial label to help illustrate the different vaccine types that are being developed:

- mRNA

 - Protein Subunit

- Viral Vector 

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(That's my hand!)

This was a fun project and one that was spurred out of boredom. The vial was an expired Xylocane vial, and I needed an excuse to test out some new inkjet compatible self-adhesive sheets (aka, sticker sheets).

I was working at the time as a Contact Tracer for COVID-19 at the Department of Health. I was making a PowerPoint outlining the differences in each vaccine type. There were few if any, royalty-free images available for my useā€”and for the use of academics that rely on royalty-free images to convey their message effectively.