Box Lunch

Digital Marketing and SEO Manager, 2019 - 2020

During my time working with Ingallina's Box Lunch, a renowned Seattle catering company since 1996, I worked on various projects. From SEO managment, website redesign, social media manager, and assisting with photography. 

Here are some of my favorite projects,


Fall and Halloween were very busy holiday's for Ingallina's, and I loved making these little advertisments for various fall menu items.

Instagram Favorites

Instagram was a huge player in our marketing strategy, and we needed to constantly have new material for our audience. Our feed was everything from customer engagment posts, to highlighting new items, and so much more.

Website Redesign

Prior to the pandemic, we had an ambitious goal of re-doing the whole website from the ground up. I helped put in critical feedback for the infrastructure, hiring the developer, and designed a large chunk of the project.