South Puget Sound League Logo Design

In 2017, I was selected to help create the logo for the newly created high-school sports league: South Puget Sound League.

The objective of this league was to promote good fellowship, positive character, and sportsmanship among the schools of the league and to carry out league policies as determined by principals and athletic directors.

The criteria for the logo was as follows:
- A universal symbol of the South Puget Sound region
- Circular logo was preferred for engraving on trophies

Below are the initial draft presentations that the SPSL committee chose from.


A universal symbol of the South Puget Sound Region:

Mt. Rainier

We tried everything from Salmon, to orcas, and we eventually settled on Mt. Rainier. It was a symbol we could all resonate with, and each of us had a unique perspective of this mountain that has become ubiquitous with the Puget Sound region.

The original design criteria requested the option for two division logos that would complement the logo. A Sound Division and Mountain Division were created to demonstrate the versatility of the design.